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From above

A bathroom shot, a selfie from above. My neck with collar, breasts (one reconstructed) and his skinny legs wrapped around my waist. IIt's a small bath!

We do enjoy a. bath together. Occasionally when away and in a hotel room, we find a treat of a huge bath to luxuriate in. Unfortunately at home we have to make do with a regular sized bath. All be it one where neither of us needs to be ‘tap end’. Anyway this from above shot shows us in the bath, his legs around me. It’s not the most comfortable or spacious, but it is enjoyable and relaxing and definitely aids sleep.

Happy New Year Everyone. Thank you for the kind comments on my post last week. My domain is due to renew at the beginning of next month and I will be sticking around. So, post I will, even if the topic is random or about my travels. I’ll also do my best to support my fellow bloggers and actually set time aside for visiting other blogs. Forward into 2024 From above.

3 thoughts on “From above”

  1. We’ve often enjoyed a bath together, not at home because that one apparently can’t take the weight of the two of us (ooops) but definitely in luxurious hotel rooms!

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