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Large trees dominate against a blue sky. Stone. steps up. and a man is bending over with his shorts around his ankles. A cheeky. bum.

I swear that as he gets older Master is getting to be more of an exhibitionist. In this cheeky post he insisted on exhibiting himself for me.

On our last weekend at our home in France, we found an amazing picnic spot, just 20 mins or so away. Afterwards we went for a walk and he took this photo of me.

We couldn’t work out what exactly steps above were actually for, they seem to be a bit of a folly. However he was compelled to climb up them and I duly photographed him fully clothed. Then I realised he was undoing his shorts for a moon shot. Cheeky thing! Unfortunately it had to wait as someone was walking towards us and he duly stat down with his picnic. So, we walked on, with the guy staring at us as we went! Later though Master got his wish and this is the result. I haven’t edited as I love the whole image.

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