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Time waits for no one

Naked in the hot tub. My shoulders and part of my breasts are in shade the rest of me is coloured blue from the lights.

I’m continually mystified about the passage of time. An hour can seem so long and a year…. Speaking of which, it’s nearly November and where did that year go? Well actually I know where this year has gone, in a complete craziness of work up until May, trips to France, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium. More, but shorter trips to my mum in Norfolk and even more trips to G’s mum’s place. The process of probate and inheritance stuff is something I’d wish on no one. Obviously it’s nice to have something to leave behind, but maybe leave it in less of a mess (literal and financial).

But in amongst that, I’ve actually found time for myself this year. I’ve slowed down and thought about what I want and need to do. Maybe that’s why I’m not blogging so much, it doesn’t feel so important. Certainly not imperative as it was when this relationship was new. When I was discovering submission and Dominance and how to be a new person. Funnily enough I am engaged in a bit of that process again, because at 61 I don’t feel the same person as I was at 51. I do want to be his submissive, but maybe in a less overt way. More of that another day.

As I was saying I’ve found more time for me. I’ve joined an online book club, one where the other members either live in France or have second homes there. I’ve also socialised while away with other English speaking women in our area. I’ve studied French more intensely and will be picking that up again soon, having taken a break while away. Plus I’ve spent hours on my cross stitches and am really enjoying the process of producing the beautiful pictures that result.

I’ve discovered this year that while I can multitask, I’m better off planning what I’m going to do and sticking with each task in turn. Giving myself time to do things well. Plus forgiving myself for putting a few things on the back burner. You see, time won’t wait for you. It waits for no one. Least of all me. Instead I’m going to try to make the most of the time I have.

One of my favourite things to do when in France is to get naked into the hot tub. It’s usually too hot in the day (during summer), but after it’s dark we can use the lights of the spa and watch the stars. I just love it!

3 thoughts on “Time waits for no one”

  1. I hope the probate and everything related to is smoother soon. I’ve reread this a couple of times and it feels as though you are comfortable in your self in a more confident way. If I have intuited right, it is so lovely to see.

  2. Oh I can so relate to this. I just wrote a post about changing too. I am definitely the same person I was at 41 now at 51. I sense things have shifted in a really fundamental way. I am just not sure where my path lays now however like you, I can’t wait for the summer to come round again so I get my hot tub back and chill in there under the stars


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