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It's sunset and in the distance across the rooftrees of our terrace you can see houses, trees and a large church / castle like building. In fact it's the town hall and while there is a bell tower it isn't the church. Lights glow and make the buildings shine brown against the clear darkening blue sky

(image: sunset from our terrace in France)

It’s the end of July and I am embarrassed to say that this is my first and possibly only post for the month. I came back from Eroticon fired up, I really did. But then nothing. First of all the desire to write, but no time. Then ready to write but no eroticon notes with me, so nothing. Then the other way round and so on and so on. Excuses all of them.

The truth is, I just don’t know where my place is in this world any more. By that I don’t mean the actual world within which we live, that feels clear. No, I mean the world of blogging, kink, social media, to name 3. Maybe the best approach is to tackle each head on.


I’m out of practice with blogging. I have no list of potential topics and no real desire to make one up. It’s not that I have nothing to say, far from it. But I have few complaints save the state of the country, the world and the mess we humans have made of it.

As we approach our first wedding anniversary we are busy with the mundane of life. Happy but dull things, sometimes frustrating but happy none the less. I have no desire to moan on about my mum and her selfishness. Nor the mess that G’s mum’s house was in on her death and the hard work we’ve put in to get ready for the sale.

Meanwhile other than Eroticon, there has been little in our lives that would help me be inspired to write about anything sexy or kinky. Even though I was inspired and every speaker gave me immense food for though my creative juices are still empty.


The crux of the problem I think is that we have been just too busy to give ourselves time for kink. We’ve fallen out of the habits that were so strong. There are few events that draw us to them and we haven’t been to a Munch for a year. Going back to our busy life, earlier on it was my work and now that I’m not working there are other drivers. Our sex life, which relies on us both being in bed in the morning, seems to have drifted. The desire is there and we need to address the issue but bottom line is not that much sex. We love each other, have never been closer but effort is definitely needed. And, if there is no sex then there is very little kink. I need to write about the submission thing, maybe that means there’s at least on more post in me!

Social Media

Life was so easy when my posts automatically posted to twitter. When discussions emerged on that platform based around things I or someone else had written. When we felt like our own community there. But that was a long while ago and now the bird site is no more. It’s apparently as of today called X. That for me is the final nail, I mean if you are going to rebrand and are meant to be a decent and rich business man, for fuck’s sake be more creative.

I’ve been on Mastodon for quite some months but had drifted back. Now though I feel I’ll need to get myself geared up for interaction in the new place. I feel like I’m learning all over again and have to make myself give a damn about any of it.

Instead I’ve been communicating on Facebook with people who like us have second homes in France and those specifically in our region. I’ve joined a multinational book club and so read some different and interesting books. Plus I’ve been on one coffee afternoon in a French village and plan to go on more when we are there again in September. Plus I am actually having online French lessons. Ones that mean you have to actually speak in French!

Therefore, while social media is still something in my life, I’m branching into new hobbies and adventures. The kink will no doubt be with us for ever, it’s the way we’re wired. But as to the blogging, I really have no feel. Excuses I know, but real ones all the same.

2 thoughts on “Excuses…..again!”

  1. I’ve always loved reading you (even if I don’t always get to leave a comment or like) … and I know exactly what you mean and find myself nodding along to almost every one of your sentences.
    Life just seems to get busier year on year and changes both within ones control, and those we cannot control, just seem to eat more and more into one’s personal time … and personal space!!!
    Wishing you both love and kisses, and know that any of your words and postings will always be welcomed here.
    Xxx – K

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