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Time to be empowered

Eroticon lips.

I wasn’t sure about going to the much delayed Eroticon. Given my lack of interest recently in blogging and in sex and kink blogging in particular. Add to that the extended delay in being able to put on the much delayed 2020 event. But in the end the fact that our tickets were rolled over swayed it. Master booked the hotel and last weekend we turned up. I admit I was worried I wouldn’t know many people and would have to start the painful process of meeting new people from complete scratch. Wrong. Looking back from Tuesday afterwards it’s achieved what I needed. It was a time for me to feel and be empowered to jump back in.

Initial thoughts

I’m fairly sure I’ll return with another post with more in-depth musings than I’ve been able to put together in my brain so far. So here goes a bit of a list from which I can draw later.

  1. Time of year – June is so much warmer than March. Plus the sun shone and for once the British summer got the message.
  2. Pub garden – The socials were in a pub garden, which was cosy but spacious enough. I think that the warm weather also warmed the people and their desire to get straight into having a great weekend. I liked the pub itself, food was decent and the staff was lovely. I’d have been happy to have the whole of Eroticon there. But there are many other reasons that wouldn’t have been a good idea!
  3. Saturday – I tweeted and I mean this. Saturday at Eroticon was the best day I’ve had in 4 visits. I could have gone to every session and got something from it. But choices have to be made. Plus we dipped out a bit in the afternoon to hang out with Mac the Vac who we know anyway. Plus I love a bit of vaccing etc. More of that in a moment.
  4. Speakers – There are some fab sex writers and presenters out there and a good number of them were speakers this weekend. I have followed Blake (see featured image at the top). for a long time and was really excited to hear them speak. I wasn’t disappointed. I was refreshing to have it reaffirmed to me that there is really nothing abnormal in having arrived at this point in life as I am. I will have much more to say about Blake’s talk and a number of the others in my next post.
  5. The organisers and general organisation – I’ve been to lots of conferences and few free as well organised and as inclusive as Eroticon. Plus I know how much work goes in as I’ve also been the organiser. My hat goes off to the wonderful Molly, Michael and Sarah (GOTN) who put the show on. I know how much stress the enforced cancellation of the 2020 event gave them and especially Molly. I also know that at that time I didn’t help things. But damn it I’ve learned and I really get it. They are the best people for the job and I really hope it can continue on.
  6. The attendees – I have much to say about the fab people who were there and again there will need to be more in a future post. But just hugging E.L Byrne was proper special and chatting to her about everything was even better. ILB sharing his wedding photos with me on Saturday night and me sharing some of ours, was also up there. I’m so happy to have got to know him a little better. A little chat with Exposing 40. Catching up with Ally and chatting about life and stuff. To mention but a few.

Becoming a bee

For some weird reason the wifi in our hotel and my laptop did not like each other and I don’t like posting from my phone. I’m old school people. So, there was no mis Eroticon Sinful Sunday from me this time. But this is what I would have been posted.

I'm wound in black and yellow plastic to look like a bee. This is a front view
This is a side view so you can see my stinger.

Mac the Vac and Master thought it would be highly amusing to wrap me in plastic and turn me into a bee. Yes, a bee and this was the result, complete with stinger and antennas. I was thinking more of a lie down while I was vacced or inflated like this. But no. However it was fun and it demonstrates for me that you can cover serious topics, chat about sex and kink and have a huge amount of fun in one day. Even more so oner a whole weekend. More to follow.

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