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Our happy place

I can’t deny that this month’s Sinful Sunday prompt has caused me some angst. Producing a collage of images doesn’t sound hard, but merging them into one is a whole different game. I spent far too long on YouTube videos this morning within ending up with anything I could use. Thankfully there are fabulously talented people out there on twitter. So, thanks to Exposing40 I have something to share. This is a view of our happy place with a shot of my bum superimposed.

A French village rooftop scene with an image of my bottom and blue, red and turquoise top superimposed above.

From our terrace in France, we have an amazing view of the village. This was taken as a storm was brewing, so the colours are all the more pronounced. The photo of my bottom was taken a few days later, but I think the colours merge together nicely. Definitely. work in progress for this stuff. But I’ll probably try again soon.

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