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X marks the spot

Or in other words, the treasure is here.

I’ve struggled to find interesting things to say over this month, what’s more I’ve found it hard to keep up. I think that’s because I’m still finding it hard to be motivated to blog. But perseverance is winning the day and I’m bang on time with today’s post. So, what next?

For sure, there are things to say. But how to get them down on this page. Plus if it feels dull to me, then who the hell else will read it? But to be frank I’ve had lean times before, followed by some prolific and not at all bad writing. So, it will come. Plus even if there’s nothing recent to see, you could wallow away hours reading my published posts, there are A LOT of them. Written over an 11 year period. This place is a veritable treasure trove and X marks the spot. MPB is going nowhere.

P.S my M/s story – slave training for Suzie – has it’s own category so you can find all the posts here.

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