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What next for Suzie?

This story comes with a Content Warning. It is a BDSM Master / slave story and is about a slave involved in a power exchange relationship who goes to a training centre to receive instruction on how to be a better slave. There are references to consent / non consent, sex, degradation, impact play, punishment, to name but a few. It is intended for an adult audience. 

This is part 6. The other 5 parts can be found here:

The session in the dungeon saw me bent over and secured to a bench. My wrists and ankles were cuffed and attached to rings attached to the bench itself. I really couldn’t move. Master removed my butt plug and replaced it with a dildo with which he fucked me. He inserted a vibrator into my cunt and continued to fuck my arse. When I cried out and Master ascertained I was ok, a ball gag was placed in my mouth. He replaced the dildo in my backside with a vibrating butt plug which he operated remotely. Speeding it up and slowing it down at will. Then he applied the wand to my sore, swollen clit and forced me to orgasm again and again until my eyes ran, my collar was soaked with my saliva and my legs shook. 

He led me back to my room and put me on the bed, ensuring I was hydrated. He stripped off his clothes and lay beside me, stroking my sore body gently. Then he told me that tomorrow he would be fucking my arse himself.


On Wednesday I ached terribly. It was easy to tell as I moved rather gingerly. I just had one incursion for using the word I and was made to sit cross legged at Master’s feet while he fed me from his hand. So, punishments weren’t just to be painful ones. 

Troy was gentle with me and we worked on areas that didn’t hurt quite so much. He gave me some ointment to rub in before bed. 

After lunch Master took me to our room. He checked I’d performed my enema that morning then had me get on my hands and knees while he examined me thoroughly and questioned me about my anal experiences. Soon his huge cock was easing itself inside me, his hands gripped my breasts, then he pulled my hair and thoroughly fucked me. Finally, I was instructed to wash him, which I kneeled to do in the small ensuite. I was then made to worship his cock, which was already starting to grow once more. 

At dinner I dressed in a shift dress as instructed. I sat straight in my chair, grateful that I had been permitted to use it after 2 meals at master’s feet. I focused on my chicken and vegetables and drank my water. Master congratulated me that I was eating slowly and that my focus had improved. He told me that tomorrow I would be given a different collar to wear.

At my session with sophie she also told me that the slaves would be given time together where they could speak freely from now on. That would start the following evening. Finally, I took my tired and sore body to bed.


As I walked to breakfast on Thursday I realised that I was walking more slowly and purposefully than was usual for me. Also, that as I sat down after 3 strokes of the whip, again I did so with purpose. I held my back straight and head high even without the posture collar. I was definitely going to be different when I went home. Different and well used!

After my fitness training and shower, I met Master Steven in the dungeon. I was completely naked. He encased my neck in a steel collar, it was about an inch wide and fitted snugly to my neck, without being too tight. From it hung a ring. He fitted steel cuffs to my wrists that again were an inch wide. He connected them all together with chains, the one hanging from my neck ring was long enough to be used as a leash. However, the chain between my wrists was short. He told me to kneel for him, this was really difficult as I couldn’t use my hands for balance. But I focused on my core muscles and managed not to fall over. “Good” He said and rewarded me with his cock. 

Master helped me up and unhooked my wrists. Then applied steel cuffs to my ankles and told me I would wear these for the remainder of my stay. They could not be removed under any circumstance. Next he had me get on all 4’s and made me crawl around the dungeon. Once he was happy with me he put a large butt plug attached to a bunny tail into my arse and put rabbit ears on my head. Chains were fitted loosly between my collar and cuffs and he led me out of the room. “We are going to see what everyone else is up to”, he grinned. 

I was paraded through the house, my chains jangling as I went. I didn’t know whether to be more horrified to be seen like this or aroused by the fact Master was congratulated on my appearance as I went. 

Mistress and Andrew were in the middle of a session whereby he was pleasuring her pussy. I was told to take over and Andrew told to give me pleasure. This was the first time the slaves were made to play with each other. Sadly, I was not allowed to come, but the experience was one I enjoyed much more than I expected. 

At lunch I knelt at master’s feet, after all I was still a bunny. My food was placed in a bowl on the floor, and I was required to eat without using my hands which were again chained together. I could do nothing but eat very slowly. Next, we retired to our personal room where Master beat me with a selection of toys while my nipples and clit were clamped. At last, I was allowed a single orgasm. Though granted it was huge. 

Master had me kneel at his feet again and he spent some time stroking my hair and rabbit ears. “slave suzie you are doing well, tell me how it feels to be a bunny for the day”. I took a few moments to phrase my response, he waited patiently.

“this slave thanks master for allowing her to be a bunny, she never knew how rewarding it might be to be a real pet. It was very humiliating to eat from a bowl and to be and led around, patted and touched. Also the chains mean that people can hear the slave coming”. He looked down at me and nodded.

“Good, because you are going to spend quite a bit of time wearing the chains and performing in different ways for me”. He told me. “Be honest though, being humiliated and degraded in this way turns you on doesn’t it?  I reluctantly agreed he was right. My cunt was wet and throbbled slightly, now a constant factor of being in the training centre. 

 “Now slave” he said, there is something that your Master wants of you that until now you have refused to comply with”. I kept as still as I could and held my breath, I knew what was coming. “Do you consent to having your hair shaved?” 

“Does this slave have a choice?”

“Well, you have a safeword” he paused then continued “I would like you to take reflection time to consider it and to write down the reasons why you don’t wish to comply and what you think it would mean to your master if you did”. Of course, I agreed!

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