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Time to myself

Cross stitch of two mice kissing. She is wearing a flower head dress and there are flowers between them. It's not finished.

Last week I very nearly agreed to another 3 to 6 month job. It was due to start as soon as we return from our holiday. This is after having told everyone just how tired I am and how much I need some time to myself. Thankfully I have come to my senses. This weekend just past was another busy one, but I did have some time to think about what I want and don’t want. A new contract straight after the last one has finished just isn’t it.

I felt awful yesterday when I told the person who has approached me that I just couldn’t commit. That now was the time to be honest with myself and others. I want to do a bit more than work and rush about between. I owe it to myself to give me some time. For me.

It feels like it’s been a long winter. Not really helped by the rubbish spring weather we’ve been having here. I am longing for more time outdoors, trouble is the better weather seems to appear when I have to stay in. There are other things too. I’ve currently making a cross stitch picture for friends who are getting married in June. We are travelling up to where they live to help them celebrate. We might extend that trip by visiting the area of the north east where my grandparents grew up. It’s a long time since I’ve been and I haven’t shown it to Master.

We have our holiday in just over a week. Before then we need to visit Master’s mum’s house to do more clearing out. It will soon be time to get the place on the market and Master has worked hard to get to that point. He hasn’t had a great deal of time to himself and nor have we had too much time to just be together.

There are so many great things to look forward to this summer. I’m not saying I won’t work again, in fact I probably will. But not in June and it won’t be a 6 month contract. Unless I really needed the money and right now there are actually more important things.

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