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Part 5 of Slave training for Suzie. There are links to the first 4 parts below.

This story comes with a Content Warning. It is a BDSM Master / slave story and is about a slave involved in a power exchange relationship who goes to a training centre to receive instruction on how to be a better slave. There are references to consent / non consent, sex, degradation, impact play, punishment, to name but a few. It is intended for an adult audience. 

Part 1 Fiction

Part 2 Identity 

Part 3 New Experiences for Suzie

Part 4 Quest

Master Steven took me into the bathroom, removed the toys and the collar and told me to bathe before dinner. I didn’t need telling twice and within a few minutes was soaking in a hot bubble bath, contemplating the day. Wow! The thoughts of the day’s experiences rushed around my head. It had been stressful, but wonderful too. I really did like Master Steven, he was gentle, but firm. Plus he smelled and tasted good. My mind turned to my own Master and I smiled at the thought of him. I’m going to make you proud, I thought to myself. 

At dinner, we once again sat on chairs next to our mentors. I was of course naked, and Master Steven had re-applied my collar. Conversation at this meal was encouraged and the three slaves interacted sharing our initial thoughts with the Masters and Mistress present. 

Straight after sophie led me to her sitting room for my personal debrief session. She undid my collar and told me to relax. “During these sessions you can speak freely” she told me. “How do you feel today has gone’?

“Better than expected”, I started “I was very nervous; master always tells me I need to concentrate on what I am doing. Master Steven reiterated that, and I’ve tried to think and be more purposeful”. She smiled at me “how much input did David have in my programme?” I asked.

“A lot, he spoke to Master Charles at length, and they worked out most of the programme. Steven is obviously bringing in his take on things, but essentially you are being taught to become the slave your Master wants”. I nodded; this confirmed my thoughts. 

“Will we know what is in store before it happens?” I asked. She nodded again.

“You are something of a mind reader suzie”, she laughed. “I will give you a written programme in a moment and we will talk it through” She touched my arm, “you have really done very well, now you need to keep it up”. I nodded and told her I would.

She handed me a sheet of A4 paper and kept one for herself. I looked at the list of tasks. I should set my alarm for 6am and spend time washing and shaving my body. Then I was to dress for breakfast in a blouse and skirt and spend time practicing my slave positions. Breakfast was as mentioned at 8, when my punishment would be administered. Next, I would have my personal fitness session with Troy. Sophie said I’d like him; “he is cute and very fit!; she told me.  After lunch I would go to the dungeon with Master Steven. Then before dinner there would be time for reflection again. 


I woke to the sound of the alarm. We each had a clock radio, but the station was set to music suitable for meditation and calmness. I had slept well as I’d been really tired. By 8 I was shaved, showered and dressed as instructed in the dining room. 

Fiona received 4 strokes of the flogger and Andrew 3 with the whip. Next it was my turn. I approached Master as beckoned. My eyes downcast but head high and back straight. I was told to put my hands against the wall, feet spread. Master stroked my bottom playfully and then I was given 3 very hard thrashes with a riding crop. I counted and thanked Master for each one. As punishments went it was pretty ok.

The same can’t be said for the session with Troy. Yes, he was cute and fit, but he was every bit as strict as his Master. Making me jog, bend, stretch, lunge, do sit ups and press ups. Finally, he had me kneel for him while he pointed out the areas of my body that lacked tone. He told me I was to spend 10 minutes during reflection in this postion, concentrating on my posture. At the end he smiled and patted me on the back. “We’ll get there with you suzie” I thanked him and went for my second shower of the day.

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