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Quest – Part 4 of Slave Training for Suzie

This story comes with a Content Warning. It is a BDSM Master / slave story and is about a slave involved in a power exchange relationship who goes to a training centre to receive instruction on how to be a better slave. There are references to consent / non consent, sex, degradation, impact play, punishment, to name but a few. It is intended for an adult audience.

Part 1 Fiction

Part 2 Identity

Part 3 New Experiences for Suzie


This part of the story sets the scene for the quest Suzie has now embarked upon.

On the small desk in my room was a leather-bound diary and pen. I checked my watch and saw that I had 15 minutes to spare. I sat down carefully on my high backed chair and opened the diary. I found it difficult to look down to write and needed to move my whole body to look at anything. I wrote my name – slave suzie and the date on the inside cover along with a couple of initial thoughts. That I was nervous and was already missing David. I decided to write in the third person to help me practice that way of speaking. 

At 10 I entered the meeting room, sophie, now also naked save stockings and heels came to greet me. There were 5 chairs laid out at the front and there were 3 painted spots on the floor. Sophie led me without a word to one of them. She did however squeeze my hand and I smiled. Next, she led another naked woman of about 40 to one of the other spots. I kept my eyes down and couldn’t really see anything but her black heels and shapely ankles. Finally, a youngish man of about 35 was led in. He also was naked. Now I really didn’t dare take a look. I was going to do this if it killed me. 

The mentors took their seats. I recognised Master Steven from his clothes, there were also 2 other men and a woman as well as Charles. It was the latter who spoke and told us the names of all present. Masters Louis and Peter and Mistress Claire, plus slaves Fiona and Andrew. Master Peter wasn’t assigned to one of us but would be providing us with tuition. Sophie appeared to have slipped from the room. 

Now Charles ran through the events of the day. There was to be a group get to know you session, followed by lunch then individual time with our mentors. Later we would each have time for reflection in our rooms, dinner and then time allocated for a debrief. It was all somewhat overwhelming.

For the first session the slaves were told to kneel. Time was spent ensuring positions were correct. We were then asked to tell the others about ourselves. This of course was to be in the third person. I realised that this would require thinking before speaking, considering each word. It was my turn first:

“This slave’s name is suzy. She lives with her Master and is in training to him. W….Master and this slave have been together for 2 years, firstly in a long distance D/s relationship and for the past few months as Master and slave. This slave struggles to follow instructions to the letter and sometimes answers back. Something I…this slave is not proud of. This slave wishes to learn obedience and to become better at giving up control”

“Well done slave, we will forgive those minor infringements this time. Master Steven told me. I flushed with pride. The others went through their own stories, I definitely had questions, but knew I was unable to ask. Hopefully though we would be allowed to get to know each other properly, I thought. I wasn’t expecting what happened next though. 

Introductions were now to be by touch. We were blindfolded and asked to examine each other using our fingers and describe what we ‘saw’. I discovered that Fiona had silky hair, full lips and a smallish nose. She had pierced nipples and a long smooth waist. Her cunt was as wet as mine. Andrew’s cock was encased in a cage. He had a hairy chest and also had his nipples pierced. 

I very much enjoyed being touched by my fellow slaves, even when Andrew stuck his finger both up my nose and into my vulva. 


Time With Master Steven

Lunch was in the dining room. We were positioned beside our trainers at the table and served a simple meal of fish and salad with water to accompany. Sophie stood to tell us about mealtimes. “Slaves, the privilege to sit at the table here is determined by your mentor. Some of your training will require that you spend your time on the floor. All food will be prepared to meet your dietary needs and take account of allergies or dislikes. Breakfast will be self-service. You should arrive here by 8am and wait, standing at your places. Any punishments will be given in public before you eat breakfast.  Your mentor will give you permission to eat and your conversations will be at their behest. Bon Appetit! 

Lunch was pleasant enough. Master Steven was keen than I focus on my food and eat slowly. This made me wonder how much input David had had in putting together my programme. He was always complaining that I ate too quickly and had too much to say. This was definitely going to be interesting.

After lunch Master Steven took me to our training room and I was told to assume an open kneeling position. I had been provided with a large cushion, something I was thankful for. “Head up” I straightened my back even more and lifted my head as far as I could. He held me from behind. “Lovely posture, but you must focus on your core rather than your knees” Easier said than done at my age, I thought. He walked around me and then undid his trousers. “You may pleasure me now slave”. 

His cock was large and already engorged. Being my trainer obviously turned him on. I took him into my mouth, breathing in the fragrance of sandalwood soap and the natural aroma of his bodyl. Yes, this was different, but arousing. “Focus” He said loudly. “hold me in your mouth” as I did so his cock grew bigger and he pushed it further into my mouth, the head pushing against the back of my throat. I tried to suck but it filled me so much I could do little. “That’s right take it all” Thankfully Master David expects me to take him deep too, but it didn’t stop my eyes watering and saliva rolling down my chin as he fucked my mouth. Suddenly his hot seed flew to the back of my mouth and I gagged a little. But he held my head still and I was unable to do anything but swallow and milk his cock for all of its seed. “Not bad” he said gently, stroking my head gently and wiping my tears with his thumbs. Once he had zipped up his trousers he motioned for me to stand. 

He helped me up  and I moved into my standing position, he stroked my breasts absently. “What are your rules with regards orgasms?”  I lifted my eyes briefly then remembered and looked down immediately. This protocol took practice! 

“I am only allowed to come if Master permits, I am not to touch myself unless he commands” He raised his eyebrows but said, “Good, and does he deny you your orgasms?” 

“Sometimes if I disobey him Master……” I tailed off as I realised that I had spoken in the first person.

“You have incurred your first infringements; you will collect your punishment tomorrow. Now start again”. “Damn!” I thought. 

“This slave is allowed to come if her master permits or orders it. He denies this slave orgasms if he considers she has disobeyed him or topped from the bottom. She is not to touch herself unless he commands. Slave and her master have experimented a little with forced orgasm”

“Well slave, I plan to deny you for the time being, get up onto the bed”. I did as he instructed and lay still while he attached cuffs to my wrists and ankles then attached the o rings of the cuffs to the corners of the bed. 

He pulled up a stool and began to stroke my labia, first outside then inside, next he stroked my clitoris. I struggled to keep still, and he murmured appreciation at my effort. He reached to open a drawer and the next thing I knew he was sucking my nipples and then applying clamps, very tightly. I whimpered “quiet girl” he said quietly, but firmly. 

I pursed my lips but remained silent. His fingers returned to my clit and he slipped one then 2 fingers inside my cunt. Next, he slid something cold, big and hard inside. It filled me and I clenched with my muscles. For a few minutes he fucked me with the dildo and forbade me from moving. “I am going to subject you to intense stimulation, but you are not to come, do you understand? “Yes Master”, I replied.

He removed the dildo and went to the end of the bed, moving something into place. I heard a machine start up.  I didn’t realise what it was until a huge cock had forced its way into my cunt and then out again. Rhythmically the machine fucked me, slowly at first and then faster. “Tell me slave, how does this feel?”

“it feels good thank you master, this slave is very aroused, she feels very full when the cock is inside” He moved into my sightline and then I felt his fingers tugging the clamps causing a grunt of both pain and pleasure to escape my mouth. My clit tingled and I felt an orgasm building from deep inside. I concentrated on a spot on the ceiling and willed myself not to come. Next, he applied a vibrating wand to my swollen inner labia, pressing the large bulb directly over my clit. He watched my face and told me to breathe slowly and surely. To concentrate on the sensations building within me. An orgasm was forming from deep inside, I felt my face flusing and I was sure I would need the release. I wasn’t sure I would be able to stop it. “Master” … I started. But he removed the wand and at the same time the fuck machine slowed right down. 

“You will not come slave” He said firmly. He turned off the machine and pushed a dildo inside me. He held up some rope. “You will wear this dildo for the rest of this session, but you will not come”. He tied the rope around my waist and then between my legs, it pulled my labia apart but kept the dildo and of course my butt plug in place. Next, he removed the nipple clamps, undid my restraints and helped me up. 

My full pussy and arse throbbed. As I moved the rope rubbed against my inner labia. I wimpered a little. “You will be silent slave”, he said firmly. He attached a leach to my collar and led me out of the room. He walked me to my bedroom, and we went inside.

“Now slave”, kneel” I got down carefully, my cunt and arse were full and I knew sudden movements would cause pain or worse. I concentrated on presenting myself. 

“You will wear the dildo for the next hour. Afterwards, if you have incurred no further infractions, I may reward you with an orgasm” he told me.  I thanked Master Steven and he offered me his feet to kiss. I complied. “I plan to leave you here until 6.30pm. You should spend the time contemplating your service to your Master. Not on your own needs. When I return, I expect you to be ready for me, kneeling in your current position. I will see you in an hour and with that he was gone. 

I knelt in place for a few minutes, my pussy throbbing, orgasm close. My knees were aching, after all they are as old as me. I decided to get to my feet, as difficult as it would be. I walked into the bathroom and with difficulty I crouched over the toilet. This was humiliating, even though I was currently on my own. It was difficult to dry myself and I wondered if I was clean. I walked carefully into the bedroom and lay on the bed. As requested, I tried not to think about my full holes but instead on my service as a slave. 

I spent the next hour considering some of the ways in which my behaviour had annoyed Master recently and ways in which I might improve. Already I could see that I needed to think more and say less. What’s more, I needed to consider my actions, including movement much more before carrying them out.

At 6.20pm I got carefuly off of the bed and began to prepare myself for Master Steven’s return. As the door opened I lowered my eyes to the floor but made sure my back was straight and tits facing forward. Master Steven stood in front of me, I focused on his black trousers and shoes. 

“Good girl, slave” he said quietly and my heart swelled with pleasure and my filled pussy throbbed. “Does this slave deserve an orgasm”? he asked. I remained quiet, though I was pretty desperate. “Good girl” he added and helped me up.  I felt his fingers stroking my wet cunt. “This girl is a slut for her Master isn’t she?” Yes Master, I spoke carefully and quietly

“Come on 5 girl” He said firmly, one hand pressing hard on my clit, the other lifted my chin so I was looking in to his eyes as he counted down from 5 to 1 and the word come. Much to my surprise my body began to shudder on 2 and I had to struggle to hold it in. Finally release was granted. 

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