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I’m probably not an easy person to dish out praise to, since I’m not usually one to boast about my achievements. Well certainly not in a work or general setting. Being called a good girl by Master might well be an exception. Let’s explore these two things.

Praise in general

I guess that I’ve followed a career path where praise was often hard to achieve. Often it was given with caveats, i.e. followed by the word but. Also when it came, it was meant to be shared – a team approach. If one did good they all did, and if one did bad, well you know the rest. That sadly has been my experience of nursing and healthcare in general. The money has always been a bit rubbish, but it wasn’t that in general that drove people away. Recognition was for medics and managers.

Slowly though I learned not to allow others to take credit that should have come to me. Still though I don’t shout about my achievements. I was reminded of that yesterday when I meet a colleague at an actual face to face meeting. I congratulated her on her quite recent promotion to quite a top job in our sector. She in turn reminded me and informed the group that I had set her on that pathway. By encouraging her to apply for a new and different (for her) job after shadowing me. Others said afterwards: ‘oh I didn’t realise you had been the trailblazer. Well yes I was but I’d quite forgotten and anyway can’t take all the credit (of course).

I’m pretty much ending my career now and maybe it’s time to take all the praise that may come my way. If indeed it does!

Praise from master (being his good girl)

A bag. Multi coloured leopard print, blue background with pink spots and a swirly brown, green and brown. The words good girl are written in dark pink across.

Or indeed slut, or any other term he wishes to apply to me. Right at the beginning I had little idea that this kind of praise, when I’d made him happy, would have quite such an effect on me. Somehow this is a completely different thing to being praised by anyone else. I don’t feel embarrassed when Master tells me I’m his good girl. The way I’ve presented myself to him. Or the way I’ve been open for his cock. Damn it the man makes me wet just telling me I’m his bitch, much less that I’ve been a good bitch.

Mind you he also makes me wet when he tells me that I’ve been unruly or wilful, so there is that. but the good girl thing is definitely something special. It makes me proud to be that slut, that slave. To have him as my Master and for me to be that girl. His girl!

The bag above is something I actually saw in a shop in France back in 2014, sadly I didn’t have the sense to buy it.

5 thoughts on “Praise”

  1. Oh no, I can’t believe you didn’t buy the bag. And I think like you I have not ever really worked in a job where there was praise or even really promotion for doing a good job and working for myself now, even less so. Maybe that is why I both like it but find it hard to accept… unless it comes from him and is about what a good slut I am. That I believe


  2. Loved reading this Julie … and yes it is fun to be wilful and unruly from time to time.
    Oh and such a shame you didn’t buy that bag!!! … I giggle every time I scroll back to look at it !!!
    Xxx – K

  3. I’m with you on the never being praised at work thing, I’m there to do my job at the end of the day. And funnily enough, I enjoy being told I’m a slut but don’t react as well if I’m a ‘good slut’. I don’t want to be good, I just want to be me.

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