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New Experiences for Suzie

Part 3 of Suzie’s story.

This story comes with a Content Warning. It is a BDSM Master / slave story and is about a slave involved in a power exchange relationship who goes to a training centre to receive instruction on how to be a better slave. There are references to consent / non consent, sex, degradation, impact play, punishment, to name but a few. It is intended for an adult audience

Part 1 can be found here and part 2 here

Master Steven

Master held me close and kissed me passionately. He ran his hands over my body, pausing to feel inside my blouse and then underneath my short skirt. “I’ll miss you” I said, and I knew he felt the same. “I’m proud of you pet, I’ll speak to you as and when you are allowed”. I nodded and with one last kiss he got into his car and drove away.

Master Steven joined me outside and placing a hand on my arm led me back inside and into a small room. It contained a table and 2 chairs. A curtain separated us from the rest of the room, I wondered what lay beyond.  “This room is our private training room, there are cameras, and our conversations and other activities will be recorded, for our safety but also so we can review our interactions”. He met my eyes and smiled. “Let’s get to know each other a little”. He stood up and opened the curtain to reveal a sofa, chairs and a large bed. The room was actually huge. He led the way to the sofa, and we sat down. 

“First things first” He started by telling me about his own experience as a Master and that he had 2 slaves who I would be meeting. We then talked through my responses to the questionnaire. He seemed to have memorised everything. He pointedly asked me if I struggled with following direction and giving up control. I answered truthfully, yes. He said these would be the first things we would work on and that he would be very strict to begin with. I was extremely nervous and felt almost sick by this point. “Take some deep breaths slave suzie” he suddenly said. I did as instructed and he lifted my chin and made me look into his eyes “your wellbeing is my first concern”. He undid my blouse and took hold of my left breast in his hand, squeezing a nipple. “Secondly we will work on your skills of presentation and service to your Master. I will make good use of you”. He leant in and kissed my nipple gently, making it rise to attention and my cunt clench. “Discipline is a very important part of slave training, but we will also have a lot of fun”.

He smiled as he looked me in the eye again. “Now, perhaps you could strip off your clothes so I can examine you”. I removed my blouse and skirt and stood waiting. “Lift your arms above your head and place your hands behind your head” I did as instructed “Feet further apart”. I complied and he approached me, starting with my face and mouth he examined every part of my body. He had me bend over so he could examine my pussy and arse. He inserted a finger into my pussy and then stroked my clit “very nice” he said, again smiling. “For today you will remain naked, is that clear?” I nodded “speak”. 

“Yes Master” I answered. 

“You remember the rules? Eyes downcast, no speaking unless spoken to, body open. You have a plug in your arse I note”

“Yes Master, since this morning”

“Good girl, and how will you refer to yourself?”

“Master, this slave will refer to herself as such” 

“Good. Now, I am going to place my training collar around your neck. For the first few days this will be a posture collar, have you worn one before?”

“Yes, but only during play Master”

“It will help your posture and make you hold your head high, but you will need to work on keeping your eyes averted”. He produced a leather collar, which was around 3 inches wide. Attached to it was a large ring. He secured it around my neck and stood back to look. It was lined with spongy material and although quite comfortable is was very restrictive. “Good”. You may take your clothes to your room and then we will all meet at 10 in the main meeting room. 

I could no longer nod and spoke my affirmation before gathering my things and making for my room.

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