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Here’s something different for my blog. I’m writing today about a place that we’re currently visiting and it’s our third time here. Ludlow is a small market town in Shropshire not far from the welsh border. It’s a pretty place with old buildings, a castle, river and a Norman church called St Laurence. This will be the venue this evening and over the weekend for the English song weekend, which is why we are here. I love having a reason to visit a place like this, though it would be pretty cool if you were’t here for a special reason.

A norman church

The church, taken on a sunny spring day

An old, maybe elizabethan building. painted black and white

One of the old pubs in the town

A sunny day, blue sky. Building including a church in the background. In the foreground market stalls.

The market which is in town most days

A river and on the far bank old houses in the distance a castle

View of the castle from across the river

A prawn curry and rice.

My dinner last night, a rather lovely prawn curry.

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