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Identity – Slave training for Suzie part 2

This is part 2 of my new story, one written a couple of years ago, but only shared this month. It comes with a Content Warning. It is a BDSM Master / slave story and is about a slave involved in a power exchange relationship who goes to a training centre to receive instruction on how to be a better slave. There are references to consent / non consent, sex, degradation, impact play, punishment, to name but a few. It is intended for an adult audience.

Part 1 can be found here.

I opened the document labelled rules. 

Chapter 3.

There were 10.

  • The slave will refer to themselves as this slave, this girl or similar. The slave will not refer to themselves in the first person.
  • The slave will keep their eyes lowered unless requested otherwise.
  • The slave will speak only when spoken to for the first 3 days. Slaves will not be permitted to speak with each other unless part of a group therapy session. A decision will be made as to if and when this rule can be relaxed after the third day.
  • The slave will spend much of their time naked. Clothing, when worn will be from the prescribed list (see appendix).
  • The slave will keep their body shaved and clean. Enemas will be taken daily (see appendix).
  • The slave will wear a butt plug +/- other toys as determined by their trainer as required.
  • The slave will present themselves when required, keeping themselves open for use. 
  • The slave will maintain a reflective diary. While this is private, the slave will be required to speak about their reflections as individual and group sessions.
  • The slave will be informed of infringements at the time they occur and will be required to report for punishment daily.
  • The slave will be entitled to use a safe word. This is to ensure safety. Opportunities will be provided for private counselling should the need arise. 

Wow! This felt like a huge thing. However, I could see why Master thought it would be good for me to attend the course. I knew I was what he described as unruly, wanting to do things my way, made worse by the constant changes in routine. Closer supervision might help me to develop better habits. I surveyed the clothing list which was at most minimal. I guessed I would be spending most of my life naked save for shoes, stockings and occasionally a bra or corset and tiny skirt. I was most definitely interested. If it helped me become the slave Master wanted and needed, then that had to be a good thing. 

Chapter 4.

Early on the morning of 5th May, Master and I walked into the front door of Charles and sophie’s large extended home, which was set in beautiful grounds. We had visited a couple of times before for BDSM events, but this would be something else entirely. Master held my hand as sophie led us to the room where I would sleep for the next 2 weeks. She was her normal self, chatting to us both. I suspected though that the high protocol of training would start soon. I certainly felt nervous, the butterflies in my stomach making me feel a little sick.

The room was comfortable but minimally furnished. The bed linen was pale blue, and the bedframe looked sturdy with large metal rings positioned at each corner. I noticed the cage under the bed. I took a deep breath and looked towards an internal doorway in the corner. The bathroom was large with bath, shower and bidet. There was plenty of cupboard space. But my belongings were few as prescribed on the clothing list. The only chair was wooden, highbacked and also contained rings for restraint. A small desk, bedside cabinet with clock radio and lamp completed the furnishings. Master helped me unpack my bag before sophie returned to take us on a tour of the facilities.

There had been a number of changes since our previous visits. The dungeon area had been extended and there was an outside enclosure. It contained the usual equipment, St Andrew’s cross, benches, frames, pulleys and the like.  Some of the other rooms had comfortable seating while others just hard chairs or benches. Finally, she led us to an office where we were to meet my mentor. 

Charles and another man stood as we entered. “Welcome he beamed, this is Master Steven” Charles and Master Steven shook hands with David, my Master. Then turned to me. “Are you ready suzie”? Charles asked me. I nodded nervously but knew I must speak. “Yes, thankyou sir, I am”. 

Master Steven looked me up and down and then addressed me. “We will spend some time together shortly to run through expectations and training will begin at 10. He was a tall man in his late 40’s so just a little younger than my 52 years. I noted that his hair  had once been dark brown but was now balding and grey. He wore a dark suit with black shirt and tie. His brown eyes looked at me kindly.  My first impressions were positive. 

There followed some general discussion between the men, while sophie and I stood together and chatted quietly. She asked me if I was nervous and I admitted I was, she told me that I would be fine. Everything would be explained, and I would definitely enjoy it. Finally, Charles spoke to me.

“Please sit here suzie so I can explain what you need to sign”. He motioned to a chair facing him, Master sat beside me. This form gives your consent for Master Steven to be your Master within a total power exchange arrangement for the next 2 weeks. You will consent to following the rules laid out previously, plus any additional he might introduce. It provides for you to use your safe word of course. You will spend time with sophie each evening discussing anything that may be troubling you. Is that clear?” I nodded. “Any questions?” I shook my head and said no. I signed the form as did Master. Before we left the room I gave Charles my mobile phone as I would not be allowed communication with the outside world until my mentor deemed it appropriate. I wondered how I would cope without constant access to others, including Master.

To be continued

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