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4 days of the Easter holidays have. sped by. In fact I had 5 days off and somehow got little chance to write. Part of this is because I’ve reduced my laptop screen time more generally. So, I’ve kind of lost the habit of writing and blogging. Instead I’m doing different things with my time when not working. For work, I’ve got a laptop which I didn’t have with my previous job, instead I was using my own one. That meant I’d break off from work and write a quick post. Lately though that is too much of a faff.

The holidays were great for getting some other stuff done though. A bit of gardening and also some spring cleaning indoors. We also spent time with family. All useful and fun things that needed to be done. So here I am with more excuses for why I am behind with the A-Z. What’s more I’m pretty much dreaming of my actual vacation type holidays which happen in just over 3 weeks. I just can’t wait. but also unless I change some habits, I’m not sure I’m promising more blogging either!

Time will tell.

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