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Great Outdoors

I'm leaning over a railing on top. of a stone wall, in the distance are fields and trees. It's over cast, but obviously warm. I'm wearing a white top and no bottoms. My bum is showing nicely.

The great thing about the blogging A-Z is that there is no letter for Sunday, which means we can catch up as I am today with G for Great Outdoors.

I’ve trawled back, but can’t find that I’ve used this image before. I think though that it’s from 2019 or there about. This weekend at last felt like spring and that at last we can look forward to better weather and the chance to get out and about. There is nothing like being able to stroll through the countryside or to climb up a tower or castle and to be able to survey the scenery to the horizon. Especially if the weather is good enough to be able to give a flash of bottom to the person with the camera.

Yep, it’s time to explore the great outdoors once again!\

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