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I haven’t written any fiction in quite some time. Given that I’ve had little time for writing day to day stuff and been busy staring at a screen for work, It’s not surprising. But I do have something that I wrote a couple of years ago and which I’m going to share over the next couple of weeks.

This story comes with a Content Warning. It is a BDSM Master / slave story and is about a slave involved in a power exchange relationship who goes to a training centre to receive instruction on how to be a better slave. There are references to consent / non consent, sex, degradation, impact play, punishment, to name but a few. It is intended for an adult audience.

Slave training for Suzi


Master looked up from his phone and observed me across the breakfast bar. I met his eyes in anticipation. “I have to go away on business again he said. My eyes focused on my breakfast, I nodded sadly; I had heard him on the phone earlier. Recently work had taken him away a lot. It was unsettling, a change to my routine and the control he exerted over me. I struggled to keep focused on my role as slave when he was absent. “I have some plans though. In the future I’d like to take you with me on my trips, but right now you are just too uncontrolled.” My eyes widened as I looked at him, what did he mean by that? I opened my mouth to speak but his raised eyebrows silenced me. I knew exactly what he was referring to.

I’ve been speaking to Charles; he and Sophie are ready to expand their business to take slaves for training in obedience and protocol. I am minded to send you to them while I am away this time. 

My fellow slave Sophie had told me that their submissive training school had opened and they had been providing day events for want to be Submissive’s as well as weekend skills events. I continued to look at him, my hand poised on my own coffee cup. 

“Do you think you could submit to another Dom, Suzie?” He asked, Charles was an attractive man and anyway training wasn’t the same as being his property. I nodded. “You see pet, I’m concerned slave life is not for you, a great submissive in the bedroom and events, yes. But you really struggle sticking to my rules. All the time you are topping from the bottom. I need to know you will give me the control I desire”. I held my breath. Much as I wanted to argue, something inside me told me he was right. “What’s more, I don’t have the time with this project to give you my full attention. 

I nodded and asked if I may speak, he nodded. “Yes Master, I know I have a lot to learn and do want to serve you as your slave. “This will be a very intensive course, and you need to know what is involved. You must consent, so I’m going to forward you some information Charles has sent me, and I’d like you to read it and think things through today, we’ll talk tonight”. 


Our relationship had started online, but once we met in person, we both knew that we wanted to live together. My marriage had just ended, and I needed to sell the house anyway, so I’d moved 150 miles to live with Master. I’d done so in the knowledge that it was a slave rather than a part time submissive he wanted. But I was struggling to understand the changes I needed to make to meet his needs. I hadn’t yet found a job, but he did’t seem worried, he said he preferred that I concentrate on my new role. Perhaps this course would help me sort out how to devote myself to him more effectively and also what, if anything I wanted from life outside of him.  I was sure I could be the slave he wanted me to be, but I definitely was struggling to give up control. 

Master left for work soon afterwards, I busied myself with clearing up from breakfast before cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming. An hour later I was curled up on the sofa with coffee and my laptop. I opened the email and read.

‘Pet, the enclosed documents should be read in order. There is quite a lot to this. Personally, I think this could be the making of you as my slave and ultimately for me. See you later, M.’

I opened the attachment labelled 1. It was a letter. 

Dear suzie, 

As you will know by now David has approached us with a view to you joining our first full slave training programme which starts on Monday 5th May for 2 weeks. This is an exciting initiative which follows the success of our shorter events for submissives. We have completed the renovations on our house and garden to accommodate this new venture and would be pleased to welcome you as one of our first trainees. 

We have recruited a number of Dominant colleagues to provide training input  and you will be allocated to one of them. You will be expected to agree to become their slave for the period of the programme, abiding by their direction and providing service as required. Please find enclosed the following:

  • A list of clothing, shoes, toiletries etc.
  • A questionnaire about your sexual and submissive history
  • A medical form to be completed and returned
  • A consent form as above
  • A list of initial rules (others will be added by your training Master).
  • We look forward to welcoming you to our training centre if you are in agreement.  

With best wishes and sincerely yours

Charles and Sophie

My mind was spinning. The training would start next week and last 2 weeks. 2 whole weeks! Plus, the Dominant wouldn’t be Charles, perhaps that was a good thing. How did I feel about providing service to another? I wasn’t sure, though my cunt was throbbing just a little. I took a gulp of coffee and opened the second attachment.

The questions were very detailed, my first sexual encounter, when and how I became aware of my submission, feelings about my submission, what I enjoyed most about giving service etc. There were questions about my ability to give up control, to accept the will of my Dominant and so on. The medical and consent forms were straightforward. I was up to date on my blood and sexual health tests. Lastly, I opened the document labelled rules. 


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