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E 2023 in gold lettering. There's a tree, sky. and hills behind.

Not even through the first week and I’m already behind. Thankfully this is a long weekend here in the UK and that gives me time to write. But it also gives me time for some engagement with other bloggers.

One of the main reasons for participating in the Blogging A-Z is to visit other people’s blog sites and to read their work. I love to be able to either like or comment on their posts but have to admit that I’ve become less good at that recently. This year I’ve barely had time to write, let alone read what others have written. But I do plan to change that, I promise. See, I love It when others comment on my posts and why would they bother if I don’t do the same?

This is the Master List for this year’s Blogging A-Z. Unfortunately some of the links don’t work. Plus I have to change browsers to comment on the Blogger posts. But I am planning to do just that this weekend and have a good look around. Let’s promote some blogging engagement!

My E in 2020 was about my tendency towards exhibitionism. Go read that post here.

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