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Me with my dress and cardigan around my waist, bum and legs showing. I'm in front of a wall.

Image above of me showing off my bum in a public place. Less daring than sex on a picnic table, but more than I’d have done before.

Today’s Blogging A-Z 2023 prompt comes courtesy of the Revelations meme run by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss. It’s really only in the past 10 or 11 years that I’ve dared to be brave and do the things that my heart and body told me to. This blog it testimony to some of the more daring things I’ve done during that time.

The biggest and potentially most foolish thing I did was to go and meet a man I’d met online at a hotel. It was daring, yes. But it could have ended in disaster. Still, I’m here to recount the story and what’s more I’m not entirely sorry. After all it has led directly to the place I inhabit now.

I’d been married to my then husband for around 30 years and for many of those years I had been at most reasonably happy. He’d cheated early on, but I was too scared to do anything. So we soldiered on until my son was at university. As I approached 50, I decided I needed to do something. Would I go to my grave having only had sex with one man? Was the kind of sex we had all there was? The answer to both had to be no. So, I dared myself to do something about my unhappiness.

There’s a page with links to posts that tells the story, you can read it here. I don’t and would never condone cheating on a partner, even if they had done so first. But that’s what I did and I got what was coming. Before hand though I had some amazing experiences. The most notable dare would be this one. I’d always wondered about sex outside but never imagined I’d be brave enough. Turns out I was.

Life in this relationship and now marriage is less daring. But no less fun or exciting, just in other ways. We have our moments to be sure. Our sex life is good, but probably less risky. Which, I have to say is a very good thing.

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