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“Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.”
― Hermann Hesse

I'm lying on a subbed by a pool. You can see my knees and a bit of my legs the pool, sunbeds, trees and the sky. A couple of fluffy clouds float by.

I’m not by nature a calm and relaxed person. I get stressed when I shouldn’t do, even getting lost or fearing I’m somewhere I shouldn’t raises my anxiety levels. But age and experience is beginning to help me work through this need for stress. That and living and being with a man who, while not overtly patient, does exude some inner tranquility. Unless provoked. However that’s another story, I’m here to speak of calmness.

There is something about G that has made me review my propensity for jumping off the deep end into panic. Maybe it’s the fact that he is able and willing to take control of (most) situations. If I let him. Or perhaps it’s just that the pace of our life in semi retirement is just slower and more measured. We do have time and don’t need to rush everywhere.

I’m still work in progress, but one of the reasons I blog less is because I’m pursuing other pursuits. Namely reading and doing cross stitch. These both require sitting somewhere in a peaceful spot and letting the mind concentrate on something that isn’t life and its problems. But. equally there are times, like in the photo above when even reading might be a little too much. Sometimes relaxing by a quiet pool in the shade and taking the odd dip is enough. Yep, I’m training for a calm summer!

In 2021 I wrote about a topic that has touched me and many people – Cancer. Read my post here.

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