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B 2023 A-Z Challenge against the background of a tree, sky and hills.

There’s so much to be glad about, to feel blessed with. Sometimes, during the monotony of daily life, it’s easy to forget that. One month to go till I finish my contract and I’m free to go back to my life as a retiree. Whether that will be permanent I don’t know, but I feel blessed to have that choice.

We had a meeting of our board today and the chair thanked me for the work I’ve put in over the past 5 months. It’s been hard work; sometimes frustrating, often tiring, but I am proud of managing this full time job in just 3 days a week. I’ve neglected my blog, the house really needs a good spring clean and we have put a few things on the back burner. They can all be tackled soon though. The cleaning over Easter, I think.

It’s been a year now since my breast reconstruction and it’s good to be healthy and a bit more whole again. I can look forward to summer with normal underwear and swim wear. I have a bit of a cleavage again and boy that’s a good thing. If I want I can go braless and you know it’s the fact you can that is the thing to be glad about.

So, yes on this sunny spring Monday evening I’m feeling good and definitely blessed with what I have and what is to come!

Last year I wrote about the before times. Me before this blog. Have a look here.

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