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Lay back

Master is lying back in the bath, his hand on one of two champagne glasses. The bottle is to the left on a shelf across the bath. You can't see much of him, head, shoulders and chest. But he is laying back relaxed.

One of our occasional bath photos, this image shows Master relaxing and he lays back and relaxes in the warm water. You can’t see the bubbles, other than those in the glasses. But they are there.

This hasn’t been one of those laid back weekends. We’re away in the west of the country for Master’s birthday which was on Friday. We’ve spent the time with his daughter which has been a treat and also very busy. Lots and lots of walking yesterday, but an enjoyable time. For me it’s been good to spend quality time with my step daughter, something I’ve not been able to do before. Unfortunately it’s been tinged with sadness and a little anger, as her relationship has just broken down. So the weekend has been a bit different from the one we expected.

Now, I’m looking forward to getting back home and relaxing for what of Sunday will be left by the time we get there. I might even lay back in the bath!

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