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Blogging A-Z Challenge 2023

Blogging A-Z challenge badge. Writing with a tree, sky and hills in the background.

I first participated in the Blogging A-Z Challenge in 2016. That year I covered off two words or phrases for each day, one kinky and one not. Since then I’ve written about D/s, sex and relationships and menopause related stuff to name a few. This year I’ll have to do a bit of planning so as not to completely repeat myself. Or if I do, then at least to reference myself!

Why do it? I hear you say. Well I’m wondering the same thing myself. Except I know that if I don’t I’ll regret it. Plus, as I mentioned the other day, I really need to recapture the writing habit again. So a blog post a day (except Sundays) is my plan and mission. In previous years I’ve been wary of writing about things other than sex, too much. Since this is meant to be a sex and relationship blog. But, let’s face it I’m a 60 year old woman with a wealth of knowledge and experience about a lot of stuff. So I’ll write whatever takes my face.

My objective is to write. Though of course I do intend the things I write about to be of some quality. Call back next Saturday 1st April for that first Blogging A-Z 2023 post.

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