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Queen of my domain

If Master is the king then I am surely his queen. There’s just two of us here, so I’m not sure how much weight being ether king or queen carries around here. Over time, things have equalised, well every where but in the bedroom. There he is the king, or my lord and I am just.a worthless slut. That suits me fine. Elsewhere I like to consider myself queen of my domain. Whatever that means.

I’m feeling proud this week. I’ve finally broken my blogging drought and written something. Twice. I finally feel on top of the job I took on in November, just as well as I finish the first week in May. But most importantly of all, I’ve reached a milestone. This week was a year since my breast reconstruction. An event so profound, I’ve spent hours thinking about it all this week. The length of the surgery, the fact that I had to go back to surgery. The fact that against those odds I still have two breasts today. My. bolt on boob (as Master called it today) might not be the most beautiful thing ever seen. But it is all my skin and flesh, it’s unique to me. It’s mine. For that reason alone (and there are surely more) I am queen of my domain. Indeed queen of our domain.

As soon as I have the go ahead I’m going to plan the most amazing and best tattoo to cover those scars and highlight that queen of bolt on boobs. It’s only right.

A photo of me lysing on the bed. Normal left boob with nipple piercing and reconstructed right boob. Scars around my. belly button and lower abdomen.

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