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Trying to get back to blogging

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I’ve not written anything for a month. I managed a reasonable number of posts during February photofest considering I wasn’t sure I had any material at the beginning. In fact I probably. had enough to get to the end, but ran out of steam. Work and other stuff got in the way once again. But the reality is, that even when I posted the images for February photofest, I wrote very little. This is very unlike me since I usually have quite a bit to say.

Suddenly, or maybe not so suddenly I’m struggling to find my voice on my blog. I actually don’t know what I want it to be about or for any more. After 11 years I’ve written so many words here. Some profound and with great meaning, others just for the fun. I’ve poured out my heart in sadness or frustration and I’ve shared joyous moments. At times I’ve dug deeper than most people into my own psyche, it’s certainly helped me to understand myself better. Looking back to the person who wrote her first post, at the time on Blogger, seems like a world away. She is pretty much someone else.

Life right now is uneventful. Busy with work, but dull when it comes to everything else. I have no desire to write about it. I’m perfectly happy, don’t get me wrong. But I have no inspiration to write about anything I’m not currently doing. The winter is a lean time for us. It is often not a sexy time and this winter has been no exception. Our sex life should hopefully reignite with the coming of spring, in fact I’m sure it will. We have been to the spring CMnf recently and that was lovely. But it’s a small blip in an otherwise fairly dull but happy life.

So how am I going to get back to writing when I have nothing particularly to write about? Well life is about to get busier, in a good way. Work will end soon and I’ll have my time back. I won’t be writing long papers and reports that sap the life blood out of me and put me off staring at a screen during my own time. Plus, it’s nearly April and I’m going to damn well force myself to do every day of the Blogging A-Z Challenge. Not because I really really want to or feel inspired. But because I need to make myself write here. Otherwise I might as well just pack up. There are so few memes left that it’s harder to feel inspired. Of course, the ones that are out there are fab. I just need a big kick up the backside.

So that’s it really. I’m still not inspired to write. don’t really know what to say, but know I need to write and say something. I’ll write something about being the queen next!

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