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When I was young

Today’s Throwback Thursday is a never seen before photo of me taken when I was young. This week I’ve been going through old photos, after the cupboard I’d been storing them in sustained water damage from a leak. I’ve been meaning to sort through the boxes for years. Ever since I moved in with Master nearly 5 years ago to be precise. There were hundreds of photos in dozens of those little folders they used to come in when developed.

This is me on a beach, when I was in my early 20’s. I zoomed in on my left hand and I am wearing a wedding and engagement ring. So that puts me over 21. From the quality of the beach I’m guessing Malta or perhaps Larnaca in Cyprus. But I’m not sure. The photo was taken by my ex and has been in that folder for almost 40 years. Never seen online nor in person by anyone in all that time. What better place to post a glimpse of me when I was young than here!

Me sitting on a towel on a rather scruffy and pebbly beach back in the 80's. I'm topless, holding a book and have my feet covered with my tee shirt. I think it has snoopy on the front. You can't see him but I'm pretty sure.

2 thoughts on “When I was young”

  1. Kinda seems very you to be topless and reading a book!

    Amazing shot. I don’t have anything like this sadly from when I was younger. Never dawned on me to take any kind if naked picture


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