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This is a sideways on view of my vulva, thighs and bum cheeks from above.

The vulva is a part of the body that we (the owner) tend not to see except in the mirror or on a photo. You need to be some kind of contortionist to be able to do otherwise. At my age this impossible, if indeed I ever could have.

There’s something kind of beautiful about this part of my own body. The way everything falls together in pleats or folds. Unique to each person like a fingerprint maybe. But at the same time kind of ugly. Master however is a fan and loves not only to look, touch, kiss and suck, but photograph too.

There is ignorance and general misunderstanding when it comes to describing this part of the body. Generally people, and sadly they are often journalists, refer to it as the vagina. But as I wrote here back in April 2021 the vagina is an internal channel. I’m pretty proud of that post, since it sums up lots about the issues I face with as I age. This has especially been an issue since I’ve been on anti-hormonal treatment since breast cancer. This is my last year on that drug, so we can only hope that it becomes less of an issue.

2 thoughts on “Vulva”

  1. I am with you on the vulva/vagina naming misnaming, it irritates me beyond words but I also know most of us were taught incorrectly to and relearning isn’t always as easy as some of us find.

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