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February Photofest 2023

It’s that time again! January is in the past and suddenly February is upon us. I have to admit I intended to post more during January than I did in the end. However I am happy that I did seem to get out of my blogging apathy. It’s just that time hasn’t always been my friend. This is likely continue for a bit longer, as my work contract will continue till May. But I’m committed to trying to find the time, at least this month to post every day of February Photofest.

I was originally in two minds. There have been precious few opportunities for photography on top of a lack of real desire. But I’m determined to rectify it because I know I’ll be sorry if I don’t make that extra effort. I can’t guarantee the quality every day, because there is likely to be a fair few selfies. However I do have a few unused images in stock and know that Master has plans for a few photos over the coming days. More about that soon.

For today though, 1st February 2023 and the start of February Photofest, I give you this.

I'm standing looking to the horizon. Wearing an orange, green and white summer top, My. shorts around my knees. A front shot of my shaded but obvious pubic area.

An image filled with positivity. Looking to the future, the sun providing me with light and shade. Let’s get this show on the road!

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