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Quality is the key

Someone is holding up 3 fingers. The index finger and thumb are in the shape of a 0

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This week’s Revelations prompt is about body count. This thankfully refers to the number of people you have had sex with rather than murdered. As it happens my murder body count is zero but I haven’t had full on sex with so many more. Does this matter? Is it about quantity or quality?

For a long long time, the fact that I had only ever slept with my husband bothered me. I worried that there was something wrong with me. That I had rushed into marriage with the first man who fancied me and who I fancied back. This may be true, but at the time I did what felt right and actually don’t regret a thing. When that relationship went wrong, I began to look around for someone to have a sexual relationship with. Yes, you’ve read that right.

As long ago as 15 or even more years ago, I thought that if I could meet a man and have some fun sex with him I could test out if I was missing anything. Ending my marriage wasn’t part of the plan, for one thing I needed stability and our finances weren’t in good shape. The first couple of men I actually met with became good friends and there was kissing and a bit of touching. But no actual sex. There were a number of reasons for this, but one definitely was the realisation that it might be a step too far. Plus, I didn’t really have the absolute hots for either. However I did learn something about orgasms and I will always be grateful for that.

Then of course I took the plunge with S and the rest as they say is history. This entire blog maps my life from then on.

What if?

What if I’d played the field and slept with 10 men before I married? What if I’d only ever slept with that one man? Who does it matter to? I’d say no one but me and maybe the person or people I’m in a relationship with. Master tells me I’m hot in bed. I certainly haven’t learned this by having sex with a lot of people. My first husband was unfulfilling and I learned over time to please myself. Then my other 2 lovers have been good teachers. But also I have some natural skills when it comes to giving and receiving pleasure.

Master has had sex and relationships with many more people than I have. But I am only vaguely curious about it. He tells me I am the best and whether that’s true or not I do not care. I am just. living for the moment and living my best life. Our sex life is a bit subdued right now, but this is our normal winter state and neither of us is off looking for anyone else. I’ll be happy if 3 is my final body count (though that’s an awful way of describing it)!

2 thoughts on “Quality is the key”

  1. I married my husband at 20 and his position on my magic number list was higher than 1. I know that he used his number as a way to taunt me, so I guess it mattered to him. But this kind of attitude is one reason why he wasn’t the last person on my list.

    No no, that’s not true… I stopped keeping a list when he was sent packing so he was the last one on it! N x

  2. You are so right it must always be “Quality is the key”. Hubby was my first … and though I have been lucky that there has been many more since, I’ve always been conscious of following a “quality control” pre-selection process. (Even in our clubbing event scenarios!).
    And I totally agree with your “living for the moment and living my best life” ethos.
    May you, both, have many more best moments to come!!!
    Xxx – K

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