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Fun and laughter

Me naked from the front legs open. Photo taken from behind by Master who appears behind my bottom. you can see legs, pussy and bum cheeks. Pluss his happy laughing face.

I wouldn’t say I have a kink for laughter. It’s just such a necessary part of life and central to a well functioning relationship. Even those that are in many ways serious, like at work need time for humour and laughter. Looking back I can see that when we stopped laughing at ourselves and each other was a good indication that my previous marriage was in trouble. What’s more, I can honestly say that I’ve had more fun and laughed much more in the last 10 years than across the rest of my life. That’s because I’m happy with my life and I couldn’t always have said that before.

There he is, my crazy husband of only 11 days when this was taken. A honeymoon shot you could say! Last summer and autumn was one of joy. We got together with family and friends and had a big joyful party and then we went on a fabulous trip around Spain and just smiled and laughed and had fun.

Every day can’t be joyful, but you can try to enjoy the special moments and photos help you remember them. Sometimes even sadness and anger can turn to smiles and laughter with the right person, words and actions. Laughter is a medicine for the soul and I’m planning to make this year as happy as the last.

6 thoughts on “Fun and laughter”

  1. I absolutely LOVE this image. He looks so pleased with himself for photo bombing your image and it captures the spirit of your post and how laughter is such an important part of a relationship perfectly


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