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Order and Chaos

Scrabble words order and chaos. Chaos tiles are scattered while order is in a line

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

I’ve been sitting here wondering just how ordered or chaotic my life is. You see, sometimes I think it might look like I live in some kind of chaos. But actually I’m pretty organised. Maybe then it’s organised chaos!

There was a time when I stored everything in my head. I had little need for lists, although I sometimes wrote them. Often I’d not look at the list again for some time and lo and behold I’d done everything. Now days though, it’s safer to plan, organise and write stuff down. The past few years I’ve had a planner as well as my electronic diary. I write things down even when I probably don’t need to since I like to tick them off. I like my life to be straightforward and organised. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like spontaneity because I do. I’m happy to leave things for tomorrow and go to the pub instead, or out for lunch. This easy going nature though is learned and not natural, because I hate to be late or let people down.

Part of the change is age. I’ve learned what is important and what’s not. Who I can ‘let down’ and who I can’t. What can be left for another day and what much be attended to right now. Part of the age thing is also caring less about others and thinking more about myself and those I care most for. Master has also been a great part of this change. He has taken the responsibility for worrying about things away. My life is simpler and more ordered and at last I don’t feel the need to take on everything myself. I’m no longer juggling too many balls, most of the time. He writes more lists than me, carefully listing things I wouldn’t even bother with.

The other thing that occurs to me is that I think things through a lot before I do them. I’m extravert so you might imagine I speak before I’ve thought things through. That’s sometimes the case, but definitely less so than in the past. Yep, it is definitely true to say that my life is pretty organised and ordered and any impression of chaos is just a failure of on my part to adequately organise myself that day!

1 thought on “Order and Chaos”

  1. Yes I have definitely become more organised as time has gone on. I have also found that the menopause seems to have made me a bit more forgetful and so writing stuff down is even more important than it was before


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