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Looking Forwards

I'm standing in front of a large window with a wooden shutter to the right. In the foreground is a large tree, hills and a building and bridge. The image has been altered so it is black and white. you can see my side view or back and bottom and left breast. I'm naked.

We’re back from our Christmas and New Year break in France and now back to face the realities of life. Looking forwards there is work for me, and for Master finally sorting out his mother’s estate. Plus, we will need to re-engage with family who we haven’t seen since early in December and also plan events for the year.

This image was taken and edited by Master at one of the lovely hotels we stayed at last September on our honeymoon in Spain. I thought it might be a perfect image for todays post as I look out on the horizon, but don’t yet quite know what is in store as yet.

Happy Sunday!

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