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Balancing the positive and the negative

Me lounging back in a chair wearing a summer dress split at the waist. I'm wearing light blue knickers.

Photo is a happy pose from the summer!

Master and I have had quite the slanging matches a couple of times over the past few days. I’m not sure if it’s a result of being cooped up together for 3 weeks without outside influence. You can perhaps have too much of a good thing. I’m not going to go into the ins and outs of the arguments because there is not point. The topics don’t start off an anything serious, but things do get said in the heat of the moment that are hurtful. On both sides. It struck me this morning that I might need to think abut balancing the positive and negative a bit more on this blog.

I’ve always been mindful that Master reads everything I write. But that doesn’t mean that I tend to paint an unduly rosy picture. Own the whole the things that trouble me have little to do with our relationship, on the whole. They tend to be about other things affecting it. Indeed, over the past months I’ve been almost stupidly happy in our relationship. Which might be part of the reason I’ve had nothing much to say here. Plus my mum has been reasonably behaved and the issues with Master’s mum were on the back burner until October. Then everything happened so quickly there has been no time.

This past 3 weeks thought we’ve been away from everything. From the influences of family save a few calls and messages. Away too from the stresses and excesses of a Christmas spent at home. But we were tired and the weather hasn’t been the best so we’ve spent more time indoors than intended. Plus we may have over indulged in alcohol. I’ve also cooked nearly every day!

We wanted to finish off our trip with lunch in a lovely restaurant that is walking distance from here. We are very rural and there isn’t much that you don’t need a car for. But the restaurant is closed this week for holidays, which I can’t blame them for. But a pizza tonight won’t quite make up for it!

Of course this isn’t a really awful thing, there will be other times. What’s more we will have to eat out tomorrow as we are staying in a hotel that doesn’t serve dinner. Then on Saturday we’ll be on a ferry that serves a lovely buffet starter and puddings with à la carte main course. But you know sometimes frustration takes over.

This post isn’t about serious relationship problems, but it is trying to say that I need to write about less fabulous things as well as the wonderful. I probably won’ get chance to write again till Sunday, but I’m committed to writing as much as I can this January.

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