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Dear Diary

A diary page and a pen laid across the page.

Let me tell you my plans for 2023. Actually, after the busiest year ever in 2022 I’m not going to make too many actual plans. Instead I’m going to talk in general themes. Dear diary is the first prompt for Molly’s new weekly meme: Revelations and as you know I like a meme. This brings. me. to. my first theme, blogging.

Blogging plans

Busy life and no brain space for blogging, that’s been. my excuse. Trouble is, because this is essentially a sex blog I struggle to write if I have nothing sexy to say. But of course that hasn’t stopped me in the past, so why should it now? It’s odd, because for months I’ve just not been bothered to write. In my down time I’ve read, sewed my cross stitch and been out for walks. But lack of ideas wasn’t the only thing to stop me, I just felt disengaged with writing. Now though, it’s as though a switch has been turned on. Let’s see how it lasts.

I plan to give myself a few weeks and if I still feel enthused I’ll re-start my Five Things meme. Because part of the problem for me is the ever reducing number of memes that run all year. That’s one of the reasons I’m so happy Molly has started this new one.


Those who have been reading my blog for a while will know that I retired from work in 2018. I didn’t intend to work again, save the odd short term project. But the pandemic meant our life and travels were so restricted it seemed a good idea to work. Especially as that work is in the health care sector. I might not do patient contact work anymore, but the kind of thing I do means others can do the face to face stuff.

At the end of last year I took on a more demanding role. Back in the job I held back in 2018 while they recruit to the post. I’m doing it 3 days a week, well I’m being paid for 3 days. When this contract ends though I think I’ll walk away. It’s time for us to give more time to us and to the things we like to do. Travel and do spontaneous things. I like the money a job gives me, but to be frank I’m weary of the stresses and strains of working in healthcare. Plus I’m 60 and have been working for over 40 years, it feels enough.

Travel and fun stuff

We have this lovely house in France and we want to spend more time here. Of course there are limitations, mainly my mum and the 90/120 day rule Brexit has brought. At the moment we can work within those parameters but we think an extended visa would work for us. At the moment we have no plans to move to France. We just want to be more chilled out here. Plus we want to be able to base ourselves at our house and then travel about a bit more on mini breaks seeing the places that are just that bit further away.

Plus, I’m looking forward to hosting a few family and friends here in a way that’s difficult at home. Mainly in terms of space and clutter. Here we have more space and less clutter, plus the beach, rivers and great sites are closer.

Kink and social stuff at home

We’ve started to get back to a kink club and managed that twice last year, most recently in December. It feels like we can start to do the things we did before Covid struck. I’m feeling more confident in my body now I have two breasts. Even though my ‘foob’ is obviously not the real thing. It means I can wear sexy underwear and kink clothing and wear it I will. So, we hope to do more of that going forward.

Eroticon should be on again this summer. We have our tickets from 2020 in reserve. If the dates work for us we’ll go as I’d love to see everyone again. But if not, I’ll gift them on. That’s kind of how I feel, more relaxed and less stressed about the things we do.

That dear diary needs to be my mantra. Live the life that fits with the things we want to do and have the time to do. Last year was just too busy and stressful and 2023 needs to be a bit more chilled.

January Jumpstart

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