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Object of Desire

I'm naked,  on the beed on may front. A silver metal toy protrudes From my pussy.

It’s a new year and so it’s time to let go of the old and let in the new, as Violet says in today’s January Jumpstart prompt.

The image above was taken back in September in our new bed in France. Those first few days (after we had made the bed and other furniture) were part of a major new beginning. Newly married life, new house and of course new bed. It was also the end of a bit of a quiet time when it came to sex and even intimacy. We’d been so caught up in all the wedding preparations, the wedding itself and then a busy honeymoon. Don’t get me wrong, it was all lovely. Wonderful even. But we were leaving little time for being just us. That’s why, being an object of desire was just so lovely and opportunity to be and to live in the moment.

Already we have come full circle. No sooner had we returned home to normal life that Master’s mum became ill and then died. At the same time I started a new and much more demanding job. The stresses of those two events have led to another period of time where we have been too busy or too tired for sex or even to give time to each other. Now we are back in France for the festive period and finally we are feeling a bit More rested. I wouldn’t say our sex life is back to how it was or might be in the future. But I am desiring him and feeling more like the object of his desire I know that I am.

What has to give then? It’s not that you can control the events that happen in life. I took on the new job because they needed me, I thought the money would be nice and it is temporary. Master had no control over events with his mum, which are proving complex (wills and probate etc). There are also the emotional effects of recognising human relationships and the effect they have on you. I’ll write a little more of that this month. But we do need to put more of the outside influences to the back and concentrate on our own relationship. It really needs it.

The other thing that has suffered is finding time and head space to write. My blog posts have been sporadic at best over the past 6 months. But new year and new desire can only help. I’m not promising to be prolific, but I’m going to try to write at least every week, if not more.

4 thoughts on “Object of Desire”

  1. Ues I absolutely agree about outside influences and drama eating into a relationship. We have definitely felt similar at times and are both committed to making us the focus as much as possible


  2. It’s surprising how easily outside factors can have an impact on us and our relationships isn’t it. I think it’s definitely something I need to work on more than I’ve been able to this past year or so.

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