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Seated but not in a chair

This month’s Sinful Sunday prompt is chair. I know I’m cheating with this image, because although I’m seated I’m definitely not sitting on a chair. I’ve been having a few blog issues this weekend. This is irritating because yesterday I actually wrote a proper post about the Sex Blog top 100 and how happy I am to be at number 19 and to have been recognised in the non fiction category. Many thanks to Molly for everything she does, more appreciation to follow.

Hopefully I can post that tomorrow. Meantime, me seated on a large log, somewhere in Spain. But not in a chair.

Me seated on a large log or tree stump Wearing pink shorts and blue sandals. My top is pulled up so you can see my boobs.

2 thoughts on “Seated but not in a chair”

  1. Damn blog issues. Bloody technology.

    I love how summery this image is though, makes me excited for the New Year and eventually warm to come again


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