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Threats don’t work unless it’s for a good time

I'm standing leaning on a weathered stone post with greenery from trees in the background. I'm wearing a sun hat and blue and white stripy sun top, pulled up to my waist. My bottom is bare and my hand rests on my right butt cheek. I'm facing the bushes.

Our relationship has never been about punishment. Therefore any threat for a spanking or a good sexual going over was always about pleasure. I’m not his pleasure bitch for nothing you know? What’s more, I’m all for a good time.

For one thing Master has never really wanted the kind of M/s relationship that meant high maintenance on his part. Plus, I for one am not into being micro managed. What I like is some level of control but with a longish leach. While I’m often described as bratty or unruly, any misdemeanour is likely to have been pretty mild. Our kink and sex life tends to be more about enjoying ourselves. Therefore threats won’t necessary change my behaviour. What’s more, experience tells me he is unlikely to follow through. Unless.

Unless the threat is about us going to a kink club and him being able to thrash my bottom. Or that we can have a room with a beautiful bath that will both help us relax and make us feel sexy. I guess that tells us where our relationship is right now.

This year has been beyond hectic

It’s November and I don’t know how we got here! The whole year has passed in a flash of life events. Major surgery that I struggled to recover from, a wedding, the sale and purchase of property in a foreign country and most recently the death of G’s mum. Taken on their own they would have been big enough, but together, one after the other, wow! This in some way accounts for the fact I have hardly found the time or space to blog regularly since April.

Our kink life during that time has been non existent and any attempt at a M/s dynamic has been during sex. Our honeymoon in Spain was a bit of an exception. Several times I stripped off some clothing to be photographed, which always gets me going. No threats of any kind were needed, since I was already having a good time. Those three weeks though were a beautiful interlude between everything else.

You’d be right in thinking that we brought on most of this years stresses ourselves. We planned to marry and to have the wedding we wanted. We planned to sell an apartment and buy a house in France and did. But right now we are emerged in a crisis that we didn’t ask for and which threatens to consume us well into the new year.

Families are hard work

I’ve always considered my family to be fairly high maintenance. Now I’ve discovered there are more disparate and dysfunctional families out there. For reasons I won’t go into here, Master has been some what estranged from his family for several years. But there is no escaping the role of executorship. After a short illness, when thankfully G managed to see his mum and to smooth over some cracks she has died. No sympathy is needed, she was very elderly. But the fall out from this is putting the other stresses of the year into the shadows.

For the next few weeks we are caught up in the world of coroners (yes really), probate and inheritance tax to mention just a few of the challenges. But also G is having to engage with siblings he has had little contact with for many years. To say it’s difficult would be a gross understatement.

But in the end we do what we have to in difficult circumstances. Hopefully this year will end with a funeral (who ever says that?) and then we can go away and get ready to face 2023.

Hopefully there will be more opportunity for good time threats and for blogging about them too!

3 thoughts on “Threats don’t work unless it’s for a good time”

  1. Losing someone is never easy, I too am busy caught up with dealing with arrangements, probate and difficult families, some of which I’m unlikely to ever see again, thankfully! It’s hard work and draining, even without the sense of loss that goes with it.

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