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No thanks to abuse!

I'm naked on my tummy. My legs are held apart by straps and there is a cane resting on my bottom. There are a few stripes across my buttocks form the cane.

Put her in her place, 
slap her hard & often.
All women are whores“.

I’ve been a very bad blogger. There have been reasons, but I’ve written so very little for months. Summer was wonderful. Beautiful weather, evenings at the pub. A wedding, honeymoon, new house. Just perfect. There was lots I could have written, but the writing bug was absent. Now though it’s time to get this blog back on the road. So what better way than to join in with the lovely Lily’s meme No True Way again. So off we go.

There are so many things to unpack about the quote above. Firstly, do men really say that stuff in real life? Or is it confined to places like twitter? Thankfully I’ve not met many if any men who believed in this kind of thing. Because this kind of statement, unless part of a kink scene or play act is abuse.

I’ll be open with your here, Master loves too call me a bitch and occasionally a whore, though that might have been more another past lover. But there is a time and place for this kind of name calling. I love it when he objectifies and humiliates me while in the throws of sex or play. What I don’t expect is to be name called in any other context. Nor do I want to be ‘put in my place’, wherever that is.

Consequently I am living, married and am slave to a gentle and kind man who just happens to sometimes want to slap and otherwise hit my bottom and other parts of my body. This will usually take place in the bedroom, or some other place we have decided. Or a club. I prefer a club, because it’s a bit public and I like that kind of humiliation. Also I like to see others being put through their paces. Some of them might also being called whores or bitches too. But it feels ok, we’re consenting adults for whom impact play is something we like to do. Domestic, or other abuse is something else entirely.

And, in my book the statement above denotes a man (it feels something a heterosexual man of a certain kind might say) wanting to abuse a woman. I say no to that kind of abuse thank you very much! What’s more it occurs to me that if we see this kind of statement online then we ought to call it out for what it is. Because it has no place in and amongst those in the D/s, M/s and otherwise kink community.

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