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In the pink

We're in the bath together. You can see our top halves. In the background to the left is a tube of Pringles. The photo is pink, from the lighting but I've enhanced it a little.

I’m embarrassed to say that my last post was almost a month ago. To be honest, September has passed in something of a blur. A good one, but a blur all the same.

This time last month we were in Spain and I shared an image of the beautiful bath at one of our hotels, complete with sparkling wine as an indication of what was to come. A few days later we crossed into France and took possession of our new house. At that point the honeymoon ended and we set about making the house into something of a home. We emptied the storage box and went to Ikea twice. There were mammoth bed (2) building sessions, the hunt for furnishings and practical items. I’m damned if I can find flat bed sheets in France.

For 2 weeks we had no wifi, but still I wrote a report for work, managed a teams meeting and completed multiple bank and other transactions while connected to data. So much so I very nearly ran out of my allowance. This left no time, energy or data capacity for blogging.

Now though we’re on the way home. Caen tonight and then the ferry home tomorrow afternoon. Next week hopefully we can get back to some normality and I can start to blog more frequently.

This image was taken a couple of nights ago. After a 6 hour journey we arrived at our lovely airbnb complete with jacuzzi bath. Oh how we like a bath. This one had a built in light show and the resulting picture was already pink. I’ve enhanced this to make us look like we’re really in the pink. which of course we are! Last time there was sparkling wine. This time there is Pringles. Actually there was sparkling wine, you just can’t see it, but there are Pringles! Quite difficult, though not impossible to eat in the bath!

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