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Fun in the Bath

The image shows a bath filling with water and a few bubbles forming. On the side of the bath is a wine bucker containing a bottle of cava, covered with a towel. There are two glasses (plastic). On the floor is a white mat and some parador slippers. To the right you can see there is a separate shower in this bathroom.

This week’s Sinful Sunday prompt is about images where there are no people, instead objects that suggest something sexy or kinky. I’m not sure that this image of our bathroom in Toledo hits the spot. But what came next would have done. Ok, so there was no sex or kink in the end, but there was fun and laughter. Naked bodies and bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles.

Not just the ones from the local cava either. A drink probably never drunk outside of this city. But the fact that even though I know better I dumped a load of shower gel into the bath and the water, in a place where the water is pretty soft. Plus there was the spa control (not shown in this photo) which we struggled to work out how to work and then to control. So much that Master stood up sending jets of water across the bathroom, while I put my hands and thighs over them as best I could.

Nah, it’s not the best of sexy images. We took the bath because we were tired and achy after A LOT of walking. In the end though we have the most fun time naked together. Great fun in the bath!

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