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Opposites attract

This is a selfie of us. I'm wearing a hat, a smile, my collar and a green flowery top. He is looking at the camera in a cool way, slightly sideways on. Glasses dark and a half smile.

This No True Way prompt closes in an hour and this is the last day of the Blog Days of Summer. So here I go with a pretty quick and spontaneous post. The statements

Your goal is to be the exact opposite of your dom.
Forget all the sass and wise comments.
Your dom will not enjoy that.

Setting a goal to be his opposite

Well in many ways we are the opposite of each other. He is slim and petite, I am not. He is introverted and I am the opposite. Of course he is dominant and I am submissive, well to a point. People who know me often see a more dominant side, and assurance that I don’t always feel inside. I’m submissive to him and prefer Master to take the lead in most things. I make decisions and do things I don’t like when I must.

But as to setting a goal to be his opposite, that’s really neither necessary or possible. We are the people we are and can’t pretend. Nor can we make ourselves into people we are not, just to please someone else. The cracks would have shown in our relationship long ago and we wouldn’t be on honeymoon.

Forget the sass, he won’t like that

Master is always saying I’m wilful and unruly (his words). I push against the boundaries he tries to set, sometimes not all that effectively. But in reality he doesn’t want a yes girl for a slave and partner. He wants someone to challenge and to question. In many ways I’m very malleable and will bend to his will. But sometimes I can be opinionated and want my own way. The trick is knowing when to keep up the fight and when to stop and submit, or walk away if that’s what is needed.

D/s and M/s are the same as all relationships. They involve negotiation and partnership. Care for the other, all the important things. But there are times when I know that I must just do as he says and that I might actually like it. Knowing in the end it will make us both happy.

That’s pretty much all I have to say today!

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