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Girl meets tree

We’ve been away from home for 9 days and have slept in 5 beds so far. It’s been a whirlwind of a trip, though. thankfully we are here in Salamanca for 3 nights. We continue our journey tomorrow. Yesterday was a mega city day, we covered over 20k steps while looking round this beautiful place. Today we headed off into the countryside for some different sight seeing.

We’ve discovered that Spain is not the same as other places when it comes to finding places to walk beside rivers and to picnic. Especially if you don’t want to be in a big town or city. Eventually though we found a great place for a quiet picnic. Not by the nearby river, but at least somewhere quiet. A place where you can hear birds and not traffic. We sat under an oak tree eating our picnic; thank goodness for our picnic table and chairs. Thankfully we didn’t see a soul the whole time we were there. This is one of the edited highlights of the day. Master called it girl meets tree.

This edited picture of me has been altered through a photo app and makes me look as if I am merging into the tree. I am wearing a bikini top and dress pulled up too my chest. I'm facing the tree and you can see my waist, bottom and legs from the back.

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