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Greetings from Spain

There is a suspension bridge in the foreground over a lake with a sandy river shore. There are mountains and. hills in the background, the lower ones covered in greenery. The sky is blue with a few clouds

The past week, indeed the past 3 weeks have been just so busy it’s been impossible to write regularly. This too will be a quick post. Hopefully over the next few days I’ll have time to catch up with writing and reading. But on to this short post and greetings from Spain.

We left home last Friday and then spent the weekend in Devon (on the south west coast of England) before taking the ferry to Spain on Sunday afternoon. It’s been a bit full on in a kind of restful way, which seems a bit double dutch. But there has been lots of sightseeing on foot, driving through beautiful countryside and sleeping in strange beds. On the whole the sleep part has been fine and I’ve caught up on some of the sleep I was lacking before and around the time of the wedding.

There has been some good sex which I’ll write about when I have more time. Also at last we have a few photos to begin to share again. We’ve managed to find some more remote spots for me to at least flash Master so he can photography me. I can definitely join in with Sinful Sunday this week. I’m keeping notes on the places we travel to, so will also be able to update my travel blog soon. I’ll link from here in case anyone is interested in seeing more of the places we visit.

But until then, we both send greetings from Spain

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