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The beauty of trees

There is a certain elegance and beauty about the tree. It’s size and shape, how it looks in winter, unclothed, it’s leaves brown and shrivelled at its feet. The way in which the tiniest buds appear, growing by the day until the first blossom and / or leaves emerge.

I think I noticed this much more during the first lockdown lockdown. Suddenly the outdoors felt like a forbidden place, but one where you could walk but do very little else. We weren’t encouraged to stop and sit, but to walk and walk we did. The photo below was taken on one such walk, we were obviously alone because I’m bearing my bum. But walking in some woods, or through a park, usually with trees provided a new joy. I’ve shared the image before, but it’s worthy of showing again I think.

I'm reaching up to a tree trunk, am wearing a purple hoody and my leggings are pulled down to my thighs showing my bum

Later that summer we had the rare chance to stay in a hotel for my birthday. I say rare, because hotels were closed till about June and were closed again by winter. I love this image, which isn’t sexy in any way just because of the joy of being able to sit outside and look at trees that belonged elsewhere other than at home. This was taken at sunset in August, so just over 2 years ago. Even the tree with no leaves, in the last throws of it’s life is beautiful.

Some trees at sunset, around 3-4. Most have leaves but one starkly has no leaves

In a previous life I spent some very sexy times in the woods, it was something I enjoyed. Perhaps it would be nice to revisit some of those experiences. Maybe in the future, Master and I might find somewhere suitable for such fun. Meantime I’m happy for the odd flash and the beauty of trees and their surroundings. It makes you appreciate life!

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