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Ten years ago when I was fifty, I wrote a post about being that age. My blog then was in it’s infancy and now it’s 10 years old. Where on earth did that decade go? For all of this time I’ve been writing about being a woman in her 50’s. About my life and experiences. The relationships new and old, my kink explorations, becoming a submissive and then slave. All of those experiences documented for people to read.

On Saturday I move into my sixties. To say that I can barely believe it is something of an understatement. My 40’s feel like another lifetime, so much has changed, most of it for the better. This decade has been amazing and what’s more I’m still here telling the tale!

Back when I wrote that 50th birthday post, I was married and also in the midst of an affair with a man I was calling Sir. For the previous 4 months I’d been learning a little about my submission and much more about sex. I was a late starter and found my body responding to this new man in a way I had never known possible. It was a real time of exploration, grounded in the realities of life. Working mum with a son at university, daughter to increasingly infirm parents and taken for granted wife.

I didn’t realise at the time how close I was to the edge of a precipice. That by the end of that year my marriage would be as good as over and that the fire I was playing with would have such a long lasting and profound effect.

My 50th birthday was a milestone, or landmark as I called the post. In many ways the past 10 years has felt long, as were the decades that passed before. But in other ways it feels like it has passed in a flash. Because for much of the time I was with Master – we met in February 2014, so less than 2 years later. We’ve had such an amazing time, been to some fabulous places and experienced some great and challenging times.

But here we are as I approach another milestone birthday, older and not always wiser. But about to start a new chapter in our lives. I’ll be married again shortly after my birthday. It feels strange to be doing something I last did when I was in my. 20’s. When my previous marriage ended I was clear that I wouldn’t do it again. But it feels right and so we will.

Being sixty won’t be much different to 59, but I feel very different to the person who wrote about her birthday nearly 10 years ago!



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  1. Congratulations on the anniversary. Your personal anniversary and ten years of your blog. Both dates are very significant and speak of your perseverance and striving for the best. Reading your last posts, I want to say: at sixty, life is just beginning.

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