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Being in the wrong

Sign post saying right doing wrong doing against the back drop of a blue sky and grass
Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Try not to apologise. 
When you are in your role, you are doing as you wish.
That also means you “can’t go wrong” and that you should never apologise for what you said or did

My first Blog days of Summer 2022 post is also for No True Way. I think that if this was the way that Master conducted himself we wouldn’t be getting married in 9 days!

Master is pretty opinionated and generally believes himself to be right about most things. But I’m glad to say he isn’t arrogant and certainly isn’t above admitting to being wrong. Plus shock, horror, apologising.

Dominants in books and stories can often be single minded and ruthless, arrogant even. But I don’t live in a fictional account of a Master / slave relationship. What we have is a full on proper relationship, about to become a marriage. In this there has to be give and take. No one can function doing just what they damn well please, not for long anyway. So in choosing any partner, in or out of kink and BDSM personal characteristics are important.

Master is kind and considerate. He is loving and caring. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t use some tough love sometimes, of course he does. I’m happy to leave much of the decision making to him. Also for him to have the last word on some things. But in the end it is a relationship where there has to be compromise.

In contrast to my previous marriage, I’d say I’m less confrontational. Therefore if there is something I disagree with but don’t want to get in to an argument, I’m more likely to just let it drop. That tends to change the mood and often we can then discuss whatever it was. Sometimes I will apologise and sometimes he will.

He is a stubborn man and I’ve learned to choose my battles over the years. But then so has he. We are after a good and happy life and sometimes that means you have to admit you are wrong and yes, even apologise.

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