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The Blog days of Summer

The Blog Days of Summer meme photo. A melting ice cream below the words The Blog days of summer

It seems I’m going to need a meme to get me re-started and hopefully The Blog days of Summer will be it. After the past couple of months there are weeds growing in this space. My output has been bad even by my own standards. So from August 1st I’m going to blog for as many days as I can, but more of that in a moment.

Last night I had the immense pleasure of meeting Lily who is hosting this year’s Blog Days of Summer. We met at a small but perfectly formed munch held by the lovely Molly and Michael. The British Summer evening could have been warmer but the company more than made up for that. I decided there and then I’m going to put some effort into this.

I’ve been quiet of late. A mixture of having too much going on and not feeling so good about myself has led to something of a hiatus. But August will be my month!

Today is just 2 weeks till I become a Mrs again. The preparations have been ongoing for the whole year. Back in January we went to see the venue and peered into the garden at the hotel, wondering if we might marry out there. I’m hopeful if not confident that in 14 days time this will actually happen. But whatever the weather it is going to be a marvellous day, indeed couple of days. We will be joined at the hotel the night before by quite a few family and friends.

Before that I have a big birthday. For almost the entire time I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve been in my 50’s and now I turn 60. So I will have to start to think back over the decade about how my body, my sex drive and indeed sex life has changed. I’ve moved from a relationship at its end, into a temporary one and now a new life. There is much to discuss here. I just need the drive to do it. Maybe the Blog Days of Summer can be the start!

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