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A lean month

We saw Paddington on a rare trip into London

My blogging mojo seems to be absent. Consequently in this very lean month, this is only my fourth Every Damn Day in June post. I could make some apologies but actually I don’t want to. I just haven’t felt like writing. So what have I been doing instead?


This month, after taking April and May off to recover from my surgery I returned to work. Not actually to the office, no I haven’t been there since March. My boss has left and at the moment people are filling in. There’s not really enough work to do, so I’ve had to slow down from my usual work rate. The work is interesting enough, but without the drive of my former boss I’m not enjoying it so much. I’m now wondering whether to continue. I like the money, but don’t want to be tied to my desk unnecessarily. I’ll keep up if the new boss wants me and we can come to an arrangement that suits better. I.e. not set days every week. But we’ll see.

Organising Stuff

We’re doing some of the most stressful things at the same time. I’m selling my apartment in France (with my ex) and we’re buying a new house. This has needed quite a bit of work on our part, reading stuff and meeting with people to make sure all goes smoothly. Last week it looked like I’d lost my buyer, but as of today it’s back on. So fingers crossed.

Secondly there is the wedding. There has been an immense amount of organising to do. For an event that is only having 30 guests it’s crazy. But then I guess a lot of it needs doing whether it’s 30 or 100. Though seeing how hard it is to get them to choose their meal choices, I’m rather glad it isn’t 100 people.

But, with 6 weeks to go till the big day, there’s little more to do. I’ve got my dress and shoes and even if I say so myself they look fabulous. The flowers and photographer are organised and paid for as is the ceremony. We’re in the throws of sorting the last few things for the reception plus I even have a ring!

Strolling out and having a little fun

The weather is a bit rubbish at the moment, but in the main it’s been a reasonable June. So we’ve been out for a few walks and found our way to the pub. We’ve also eaten in the garden and sat out till late and even got the BBQ fired up a couple of times.

We haven’t got back to any kink events yet, I’m not sure we can do that before the autumn. Healing is a slow process, more so than this nurse expected. But we have managed to get to a couple of munch’s and tonight we will be meeting up with some lovely friends for the first time in more than 2 years.

We’ve had an evening out in London, using up some vouchers for the Cheese Barge (first time ever I’ve eaten just cheese for dinner).

I love the lighter evenings and am a little sad that they will start to draw in from now. But with so much to look forward to this summer and autumn I have to be happy. I will try to get back to blogging soon, but can’t promise that July won’t be a lean month too!

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