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A photo of us in a bath of blue water. you can see one of my legs and one of his. Mine are about twice the size. Plus a little of our abdomens and one of his hands. An arrangement of arms and legs!
Bathing together – an arrangement of arms and legs

Hygiene and grooming are important – your Dom wants you clean and pretty

I’m struggling with this quote. Do good hygiene and grooming equate to clean and pretty? Indeed to the words clean and pretty go together? But I won’t get caught up in the words because I’d rather my blog posts have some substance.

How hairy am I?

When we met I was still removing my pubic hair. My experiences with S, along with my reading of D/s fiction indicated to me that all Doms prefer their submissives shaved. This I quickly found out is not the case. Master prefers at least some hair on my pubes, though perhaps not the forest that grows when I leave it unchecked.

Thankfully as I’ve aged a side effect has been less prolific body hair growth. While it still grows in (what I consider) many of the wrong places, it is at least growing less thickly. This makes controlling it easier. Master likes to stroke my pussy hair, but I don’t like when it seems to be growing down my legs. Plus I’m sure he finds performing cunnilingus on me more pleasurable if some hair removal has taken place. Mind you he doesn’t complain. Plus while cleanliness is definitely an important thing, I also know he loves a cunty taste and smell (as he often calls it).

As for hair removal elsewhere. I’m less pedantic about under arms and legs than I used to be. hair free legs are more of a summer pursuit. Under arms, well lucky me because I only need to shave my left arm pit. Since radiotherapy no hair grown on the right.

How far would I go?

If Master asked me to shave more then no doubt I would, though with many things I’d probably push back a bit. Shaving or other means of hair removal take time, effort and money. But I do seek to please and I’ve done it before for someone. I’d definitely do it again.

However I do believe that personal hygiene is more important than how much hair you have on your legs or pubic area.

Getting clean together

One of our favourite things is bathing together. We do it at home, not so often but sometimes. Our bath here while equipped with the Jacuzzi setting isn’t all that big. When we are away we like to find places with a big bath we can share or else an outside hot tub.

We managed this a couple of weeks ago on our way home from France. We find getting clean together is good for our ageing muscles and for relaxation after a long day spend driving (or indeed walking) miles. At the new house in France we will be exploring whether we can get a hot tub on our new roof terrace. We think we might get more use out of it than if we have one at home. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

But time in water together is something we love. It can be fun and sexy, it can be relaxing and an aid to sleep. It all depends on what’s going on. But the lovely warm clean smell and feeling afterwards is wonderful in itself. I’m a lover of clean smells and if that means pretty then so be it.

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